BB Meso Glow Facial

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BB Meso Glow Facial

Looking to achieve that radiant glow? Ditch the brightening cream. The BB Meso Glow Facial is a safe and intensive skin-brightening treatment. The magic lies in our super-effective Nano Needling Technology, paired with MESOWHITE, a Brightening Serum, to permeate deep into your skin layers. This radiance-boosting treatment induces collagen to renew your skin cells, minimizes pores, vanishes stubborn milia seeds, and keeps skin discolouration at bay. Rid yourself of the extra baggage (acne scars and age spots), and restore that much-needed glow.

Skin Type: Normal and Oily skin
Skin Concern: Dark Spots & Uneven Skin Tone, Enlarged & Clogged Pores, Fine Lines, Milla Seeds

Duration: 30 minutes

We recommend you avoid putting on make-up for at least three days to allow your skin to heal. For optimal results, we recommend waiting one week before putting on make-up.

Yes, you can still apply skincare products after the facial. However, you must avoid using whitening products or any strong chemicals and scrubs which may aggravate skin sensitivity.

We advise cleansing the skin with cold water only for the first three days after the facial treatment. For optimised results, we highly recommend using skincare products with hydrating and antioxidant properties to prevent dryness and dullness.

The results will last for one to two weeks, depending on your skin conditions. We recommend doing this facial for at least once or twice a month, for a total of at least six sessions.

Yes, absolutely. This treatment does not involve electric currents which would affect the womb during pregnancy. However, if you are sensitive to pain, this treatment is not recommended.

The typical BB facial treatment uses a semi-permanent BB cream makeup, along with active ingredients, to inject them into the skin. It gives off a natural-looking foundation that lasts between three days to a month, depending on maintenance.

On the other hand, the BB Meso Glow Facial is a skin-renewing treatment that prompts the skin renewal process. This treatment helps to even out the skin tone, minimise pores, and get rid of skin tags, for healthier, glowing skin.

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Evens out skin tone

Increases skin collagen production

Achieve Glowing skin