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Looking to impress your sweet Valentine with a luminous glow? Or, do you simply want to shower your skin with some self-loving shine? Strap in, as you’re in for a treat!

From 1st to 29th February, book your first trial  for the Luminous Glow Series at $128+ (U.P. $230+) and save more than 40%.

The Luminous Glow Series features the Lumi Vita C Brightening Facial, paired with the Dark Circles Begone Facial. A powerful, oxygen-infused duo to improve skin circulation and restore instant glow.



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Best Vitamin C Brightening Facial - Lumi Vita C Facial

Get instant brighter and radiant skin with Lumi Vita C Facial. Infused with vitamin C, this three-step face brightening facial kick-starts with a deep cleanse using lactic acid to gently exfoliate dead skin cells to wipe out stubborn blackheads and whiteheads.

Next, inject the oxygen with oxygenating ampoules which allows the skin to breathe and revitalised the skin to youthful radiance.

The treatment finishes with ultrasound therapy to boost the absorption of customised serums and work to rebuild and protect the skin barrier for a toxin-free skin. 

Dark Circles Removal Treatment - Dark Circles Begone Facial

Say begone to the dark pigments under your eyes. The Dark Circles Begone Facial is a safe, fast and effective dark eye circles facial treatment that glides delicately over the sensitive areas of the eyes.

It uses a cold compress with suction under the eyes to constrict blood vessels and vanish those dark eye circles instantly. Now, nobody will know the amount of all-nighters you have pulled, except well, you.


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Very efficient service and although it's an express facial, the results were as if i went for a 2hr facial!

Aisyah Ersalle

.... My skin look more glow and clean compare to normal facial I done somewhere else.

Jason Tan

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